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Saturday, July 13, 2013

TITLE: Author Event: N.E. Castle's "Loogie the Booger Genie" Series AB "Castle is well-versed in the sort of humor that appeals to third, fourth, and fifth graders." -Foreword Reviews
TIME: 10-12 pm
LOCATION: Event Room
DESCRIPTION: Loogie the Booger Genie Series: Prince of Prank Prince Loogar is a snobbish brat who played one too many pranks. To punish him, the king's wizard cast a spell that locked the prince in a pea-sized bottle for hundreds of years. Charlie found the pea and now Loogie is stuck in Charlie's nose. Together, they fumble through adventures as they try to break the wizard's spell and set Loogie free. The Big Bad Bully We all get bullied sometime, even a genie. Charlie and Loogie battle their bullies together while Tom faces becoming a bully himself as he tries to harness Tildor's magic. These bullies may get their due, but not before magic and mayhem ensue. A Very Nasty Cold Be careful what you wish! Charlie and Loogie share a very nasty cold that wreaks havoc with Loogie's magic skills. To make matters worse, the wicked Tildor arrives from the past with his evil magic. Charlie must enlist the help of his friends and Hendrick to clean up this magical mess while any wish could make things worse.

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