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Sunday, December 16, 2012

TITLE: Author Event: Joan Wickersham's "The News from Spain - Seven Variations on a Love Story" TB Oprah named as Book of the Week (Oct.22,2012)
TIME: 1-3 pm
LOCATION: Event Room
DESCRIPTION: "The News from Spain is a touchstone phrase in each tale, its meaning transformed by the character's experiences. In the first tale, a woman whose longtime marriage has been rocked by a single infidelity sits on the beach with her friend, a man marrying for companionship and hoping his bride-to-be doesn't want sex; they listen to 'the news from Spain" roaring in a seashell, a recollection of simpler times ... The final piece interweaves memories of a platonic adultery that may or may not be fictional with the story of a New York doctor beloved by a president's widow and a female journalist." -Kirkus Reviews

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