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Always Play the Dark Horse

Always Play the Dark Horse


Newlyweds Jessica Minton and James Crawford place their bets on adventure, but treachery and murder join the field.


One foggy spring evening in 1946, a young college professor slips into a deserted campus building for a surreptitious meeting with her lover, only to be shot dead in the darkness. Who is the victim? Who is her murderer?


The answers will gradually be uncovered after newlyweds Jessica Minton and James Crawford come to that same campus on Long Island Sound. With James returning to teaching, the future should be sparkling for the two. Yet darkness looms.


James is haunted by memories of the war and a mission that he isn’t allowed to tell Jessica about, until their discovery of the missing professor’s decomposing corpse washed up on the beach forces his hand and plunges them both into treachery and more murder.

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    Tatnuck books are available for pickup in-store, or can be shipped at a flat rate charge of $4.00 within Massachusetts or $8.00 within the United States. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your item to arrive within Massachusetts, and up to 10 business days for out of state.

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