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Everyday Courage

Everyday Courage



"In Everyday Courage, we meet again the morning poet, and are taken from the small hours of dawn in bright empty rooms to the wider world—through the wilds of love, through ‘other’ and into the self. True poet Hoffman assures us that wonder is the height of intellectuality, and that
we think most clearly from the heart.

Through pandemic and political upheaval, we cannot remain on the shores of certainty and are pulled out to rivers of risk. Coveted are the bodies of water moving through Hoffman’s collection—when teaching her daughter to row, looking out over the idyllic shores of home or simply lying before the summer sea.

There are Septembers here, winter peaches and shut doors—bolted with ‘protectionism’ or closed only with a ‘sticky lock.’ Hoffman finds home in this work as a point of arrival and departure, insisting that love is brave, as free to roam as it is keen to land.” —Jim Trainer, Poet & Publisher, Yellow Lark Press


Christia Madacsi Hoffman began her second collection of poetry before we knew what was coming, before the coronavirus pandemic advanced across the globe. As our individual worlds grew smaller, bending our thoughts inward, Hoffman continued writing, observing the routines, patterns, sounds and silences of a new normal that intensified our awareness of our collective state. In Everyday Courage, Hoffman captures an exceptional span of the American experience, from public moments of political and social change to private shifts within her own perspective.

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