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Heaven Sent Vengeance Paperback

Heaven Sent Vengeance Paperback


Vengeance is book three in the Heaven Sent series. It is a fictional fantasy novel about Heaven and Hell battling for the souls of humanity. This is a supernatural suspense novel with strong female leads and lots of action.

Hell’s First Army is rampaging across the world, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

The O’Mara sisters are devastated after their tragic defeat at the hands of the fallen archangel, Azza. Gen’s bold determination may not be enough to hold her family together. To rescue Marcus, Deb must align herself with sworn enemies in Hell. Kelly will have to embrace all she has lost if she ever hopes to be whole.

All paths lead to an explosive final battle in The Pit. The O’Mara family will forge one last stand with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance. Many will die seeking…VENGEANCE.

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