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Inspiration for Teens

Inspiration for Teens


Of all the inspirational books for teens, Imagine having instant access to more than 200 life lessons from 88 true stories with moral values that inspire you. Discover what you are capable of, what you can achieve today, or how easy it can be to improve self-esteem. And the inspiration comes from ordinary people at a very difficult time in their lives.

Among all the self-empowerment books and self-help books, best-selling author, Paul Lloyd Hemphill, presents life lessons from a single event in America's past to produce a self-help and self-acceptance guide for teen girls and teen boys. The lessons are practical for every day and never theoretical. Each of the 88 true stories answers one simple question: "How can I benefit from what this person did at Gettysburg?" In this book, you will learn:

- How to use imagination in setting goals
- Why you’re already a leader and not just a follower
- How one communication technique can improve your relationships
- Why failure can be a great teacher for success
- How one magic question can get you what you truly desire
- Why you can trust your gut
- How to increase your chances for college admission
- Why your moral values will inspire trust
- How easy it is to be extraordinary
- Why it's impossible for your life to be insignificant.

BONUS #1: A complete page of discussion group questions
BONUS #2: Complete index of each of the 203 lessons. The author's get-to-the-point style is the trademark of this superbly written book. Buy INSPIRATION FOR TEENS and be on your way to your own success, one fascinating story at a time. Order your copy now..

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    Tatnuck books are available for pickup in-store, or can be shipped at a flat rate charge of $4.00 within Massachusetts or $8.00 within the United States. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your item to arrive within Massachusetts, and up to 10 business days for out of state.

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