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My Journey From La La Land to Wonderland Paperback

My Journey From La La Land to Wonderland Paperback


This autobiography tells the story of a plucky and resilient little girl growing up in Los Angeles during the 1950’s and 1960’s. After recounting her Jewish immigrant background, it begins with the sometimes hilarious perceptions of childhood, while encompassing the painful attempts of a child to cope with abuse and chaos in a broken family.


Through a series of events and anecdotes, it details many stages of life from school girl in the 1950’s, teenager during the turbulent 60’s, and a young woman coming of age in the 1970’s. In the context of a marriage reaching its Golden Anniversary, endearing memories of raising children from infancy to adulthood point towards the challenging balancing act between family and career that defines our lives. Enduring and enriching friendships add to the abundance of networking in community that life has to offer.


Spanning 70 years, the true story includes the lived experience of notable historic events, astonishing social changes, and accommodation to scientific, medical and technological advancements of dizzying speed. Across years of therapy and spiritual awakenings, the reader experiences a journey of profound personal growth, culminating with the empowerment of coming to know an authentic self.


With wisdom attained by looking back through the lens of experience, inexplicable twists and turns prove that life is indeed full of surprises. Reviewing the history and mysteries of this progress, we come at last to a reckoning with aging, facing a Wonderland of Spiritual Love, where we contemplate the meaning, richness and complexity of every human life.

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