Pas De Deux Paperback

Pas De Deux Paperback


When dancer Ruby Quade started a new life with the older (and very successful) Richard McCallister, she never anticipated falling in love with his son...but you don't often get to choose your dance partner in love.

After losing her family in a horrific car accident as a teen and navigating her way through the foster care system, Ruby met Richard while serving coffee to pay her way through college. A very successful businessman in his late forties, Richard’s life of travel and disposable income seemed like a fairy tale come to life for a girl coming from next to nothing.

Despite their wide age gap, Ruby was welcomed into Richard’s luxurious life and was given everything she could have ever wanted – a beautiful home, a walk-in closet, and her very own studio where she could teach aspiring dancers of all ages. She seemingly had it all, so why was she starting to feel like something critical was missing after all these years?

While very generous to Ruby, Richard has not been the perfect boyfriend. The more important he becomes at work, the less he is there for Ruby, and the less he seems to care about anything other than appearances. Perhaps that growing void is why Ruby's friendship with Timothy, Richard’s twenty-seven-year-old son, has become something more somewhere along the way.

With the delicate boundary between friends and lovers definitely crossed, how long can Ruby keep up the facade before someone gets hurt?

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