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The Diary of Lucy Resolute

The Diary of Lucy Resolute


Twelve-year-old Lisa Conlin is excited when her family moves into a house that was a station on the Underground Railroad. When she makes a discovery that sends her on a journey to 1851, her eyes are opened to the past and the present. This is a story of family, caring for others, and connections through time, all set against the backdrop of events in the civil rights movement in 1961.

Lisa finds Lucy’s Underground Railroad diary hidden in her family’s new home. As she reads the diary, she learns about Lucy and her journey from Maryland to Northampton, Massachusetts. In the evenings, Lisa watches the nightly news reports with her parents and sees Freedom Riders in the South take a stand against segregation in interstate travel. Her new learning allows her to connect these present injustices with Lucy’s escape from slavery 110 years earlier. When the diary abruptly ends, Lisa is left with many questions. Lisa is resourceful, curious, and persistent. She takes matters into her own hands to solve the mystery of what happened to Lucy.

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