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The Midnight Feast

The Midnight Feast


“Irresistible…Blair Witch meets Fyre Festival.” – People


"Sharp, stylish and stunning...Foley's best yet." -- Chris Whitaker, New York Times bestselling author of All the Colors of the Dark


“A deliciously juicy, smartly paced blend of folk horror, psychological thriller, and social satire… Thoroughly satisfying.” -- AirMail


 Secrets. Lies. Murder. Let the festivities begin…


It’s the opening night of The Manor, the newest and hottest luxury resort, and no expense, small or large, has been spared. The infinity pool sparkles; the “Manor Mule” cocktail (grapefruit, ginger, vodka, and a dash of CBD oil) is being poured with a heavy hand. Everyone is wearing linen.


But under the burning midsummer sun, darkness stirs. Old friends and enemies circulate among the guests. Just outside the Manor’s immaculately kept grounds, an ancient forest bristles with secrets. And it’s not too long before the local police are called. Turns out the past has crashed the party, with deadly results.



 Everyone’s got a secret. Everyone’s got an agenda. But not everyone will survive…The Midnight Feast


 “Agatha Christie for the Instagram age.” – Guardian

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