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This book is reviewed by Fin.

Liane Moriarity does it again!  She is such an incredible storyteller.  Apples Never Fall introduces us to the Delaney family.  Stan and Joy, the parents, are retired tennis coaches that are having some difficulty enjoying their golden years.  They have four children and each child is mildly dysfunctional in their own way.  Most of the dysfunction stems from their father coaching a super star tennis player as they themselves were still playing.  

The family muddles along until a mysterious stranger turns up at Stan and Joy's home.  Savannah, the stranger, quickly ingratiates herself into their lives. The children are disturbed by this stanger living with and becoming part of the family.  Does Savannah have an ulterior motive or is she as innocent as she tries to appear?

Suddenly Joy goes missing, Savannah disappears, and it looks like Stan is becoming the main suspect for possible fowl play.  At this point in the story the pace starts to pick up.  Liane Moriarity is the queen of family dynamics.  She is so good at presenting the relationships between siblings and between parents and children.

The book progresses from a story of family relationships to a whodunit with a surprise ending.  There are many tennis references throughout this book and if you are into tennis you may like this book even more but you definitely don't need to be a tennis fan to enjoy this story.  I did not find it as humorous as some as her prior books but I did enjoy it nonetheless and would recommend it as a nice light read, perfect for a vacation or snowstorm.

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