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This book is reviewed by Fin.

Not A Happy Family by Shari Lapena is the type of suspense book you continue to read as your eyes desperately try to remain open!  The book begins with the murder of Fred and Sheila Merton, an extremely wealthy couple who live in an affluent enclave in upstate New York.  The murders have occurred shortly after hosting their children for an Easter dinner.

The Merton children are very different from each other.  Catherine, the oldest and the favorite, is a successful physician and happily married.  Dan, the middle child, is the most troubled.  Dan has tried to do everything to make his very demanding father happy.  He went to business school, got an MBA, and joined his father’s robotic company.  Dan expected to take over his father’s business but his father abruptly sold the business leaving Dan unemployed and bordering on bankruptcy.  Jenna, the youngest, is the wild child.  Financially supported by her parents, Jenna lives the bohemian lifestyle of an artist.

Dan stands out as the most likely suspect because he has the most to gain from his parent’s deaths.  But his two other siblings also have reasons to be happy about their parents’ demise.  Throw in Fred’s sister Audrey who is out for her fair share, Irena, the children’s dedicated nanny, and a couple of more surprise characters and you have a steady supply of potential suspects.

This is a fast paced who done it that will leave you guessing until the very end.  A terrific read!

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