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This book is reviewed by Vidula.  To see more of Vidula's reviews please visit her Instagram page.

The Electric Kingdom by David Arnold takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the deadly Fly Flu has wiped out almost all of humanity, and focuses on some of the survivors, like eighteen year old Nico, who is on a voyage to find a mythical portal, a young artist named Kit, who was raised in an abandoned movie theater, and the Deliverer, who lives Life after Life in order to put the world back together again. As these people wander through the woods of New England, they realize that even in a broken world, there is still meaning. Although the setting of this book is apocalyptic, it is far from bleak; the beautiful way the author described the chaos and ruin of the world drew me in right away. I also loved the way the author referenced our world throughout the story. Watching characters who have grown up after the apocalypse react to how things used to be made me see my life with an entirely different perspective. As I continued reading, I began to see the connections between the stories of the different characters, and I was impressed by how well the author used foreshadowing to hint at what was to come. Even though the plot itself felt slow at times, there was an underlying sense of mystery that made me want to keep reading. As the story unfolded, I was impressed by how layered and multifaceted it was, and even though there was so much going on, I was rarely confused. There were also a lot of really philosophical ideas about art, love, and life itself, which really enriched the story. This book reminded me a little of the TV show Dark, as well as Wanderers by Chuck Wendig, The Book of M by Peng Shepherd, and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. If you enjoyed any of those, you should definitely give this one a try! I would give it a 9.8/10!

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