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This book is reviewed by Fin.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley is a stay up all night until you finish type of book. I had not read such a suspenseful book in a while. The story is set on a small remote island off the coast of Ireland. A wedding is planned with 150 guests. There will be a murder but you won't know who or why until close to the very end. The story is told through multiple characters points of view. The bride Jules, a successful magazine owner, is about to marry the handsome and charming Will. Jules has chosen the island as a nod to her father's Irish roots and for the need to be a trendsetter. Her troubled half sister Olivia is her bridesmaid. Will has invited a group of friends from his old boarding school. The best man is a former school mate who knows more about Will than anyone else. Jules has invited her best friend Charlie and his wife Hannah. There is plenty of tension between Jules and Charlie to make you wonder if their relationship is as platonic as Hannah hopes it to be. The story moves along from the night before the wedding, to the wedding day itself. The weather on the island deteriorates as the tension builds. The murder and aftermath are well played and the end of the story leaves you satisfied.

What some readers may have a problem with are the characters themselves.  None of them, except for Hannah, are particularly likeable.  Will's friends are portrayed as overgrown frat boys who drink and swear and push each other around like they are still in their teens yet are supposed to be in their 30s.  Jules has no friends besides Charlie and gets ready for her wedding alone instead of being surrounded by excited friends and family.  Even the wedding venue owners have a creepy vibe.  But if you are not overly bothered by the personalities this book is a fun who done it.

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