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Bookstore Leader

This is a part-time job and is approximately 30-35 hours per week.  It will be 7/7 days a week job and Saturday/evenings are a must.

Please note: This is a year round position.  Please do not apply if you are only interested in summer work.



Must have knowledge of children and adult book genres

Knowledge of ISBN's

Must be able to operate basic computer software

Have the ability to learn new software quickly

Knowledge of different publishers would be helpful

Be able to work with and resolve any customer issues that might arise

Must be able to stand and bend down and walk around store frequently

Able to communicate well with others

Must speak English

Absolutely must be reliable!  We are a small but GREAT bookstore/cafe/gift store and EVERYONE counts!  We need you to be here for scheduled shifts.

Honesty, reliability and trust is of high importance

You must be accurate with basic math, basic excel, and feel comfortable being a leader. 


You will be trained in all aspects of the cash register and information desk

You will be responsible for changing all display tables once a week with new publications and staff picks once a month

Make sure that all books are labeled with the correct genres, ISBN's, titles and authors

Assist in assigning projects to booksellers on the floor

Assist wherever help is needed

Oversee all customer special orders/customer shipments

This position will also be a "Key Holder".  You will be required to open and close the store several times a week

As you begin to master our software and become more familiar with our store your duties will increase accordingly

Verify all cash registers and safe are accurate

Make sure store is in tip top shape before closing for the night

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