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Broken Blades Paperback

Broken Blades Paperback


Abomination has returned. The Goddess must strike back before all is lost — but are her chosen ready?

Jamirh: A thousand years ago, the Avari Hero Ebryn Stormlight saved the world from falling to Abomination, making a bargain with the goddess of death in the process. Ebryn reborn, Jamirh wants very little to do with the bargain his predecessor made with Hades. Still, how much of the choice is his own, when the bionic Abominations of the Empire have attacked him directly in the heart of Romanii? He took up the Crystal Light Blade, and has been learning how to utilize his inherent magic as a Master of Blades, but will it be enough? Or is it too little, too late?


Takeshi: Haunted by the ghosts the two women he failed to save, Takeshi is fleeing north, trying to accomplish the last thing Hel told him to do - find Ander. It's all he has left to him, since returning to Ni Fon is no longer an option. But with the threat of more debilitating migraines and the realization that something is wrong with him and his magic, even the safety of Tarvishte may not be enough.


Ander: The Abomination has attacked Romanii in its capital city. The Eighth High Priest of the goddess Hades, Ander finds himself with more questions than answers - Will they attack again? How did they reach Tarvishte in the first place? How has the Empire managed to combine tech and magic? Why are they being constructed from Avari? He is also responsible for Takeshi as the potential priest makes his way north. They know Abomination has something to do with Takeshi's condition - but what?

Broken Blades is the second book in Blades of the Goddess, a high fantasy series with urban and sci-fi elements. This series will appeal to all ages, especially fans of the Shannara Chronicles, the Chronicles of Amber, and the Heralds of Valdemar.

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