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Every Time We Say Goodbye

Every Time We Say Goodbye


Time has met its match in Beryl Blue.

Six months after feisty librarian-turned-time-cop Beryl Blue’s last adventure with the gruff and sexy Tom ‘Sully’ Sullivan, she’s back in 2133, chasing time-traveling thieves and other temporal miscreants for the time tourism company, Time Scope, Inc. She misses Sully terribly, but fate has cast a deadly shadow over his future, and until she can find a way to fix that fate, she knows they can never be together.

Beryl’s also on a desperate hunt for the man who murdered her parents. A new lead sends her on a journey across the centuries, to the Old West, Prohibition Chicago, and the swinging sixties, before she lands back in Sully’s arms—with no way to return to her own time. The longer they’re together, the more they tempt fate. Sully’s willing to put his life on the line to protect Beryl, but she refuses to accept that risk. It’s a race against the clock as Beryl launches a bold plan to catch a killer, defy destiny, and to save the man she loves.

History, mystery, romance, and a touch of sci-fi collide as Beryl and her beloved Sully upend time itself in the fight to win their happily-ever-after, in this third thrilling adventure in the Beryl Blue, Time Cop series.

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    Tatnuck books are available for pickup in-store, or can be shipped at a flat rate charge of $4.00 within Massachusetts or $8.00 within the United States. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your item to arrive within Massachusetts, and up to 10 business days for out of state.

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