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Fables for Friday Paperback

Fables for Friday Paperback


Fables are stories that never actually happened as told… but are always happening as lived.
All meaningful philosophies and religions are filled with such valuable stories with lessons for all ages.

This collection of original fables, is written by the author, are an effort to share lessons for life from universal questions and experiences. They grew from my experience as a psychologist and as a minister. They were written for both adult and child ears, and some developed because of sensitive experiences – like aging, facing illness or disabilities, experiencing the death of a family member, dealing with fears.

Storytelling can be a powerful and yet gentle way of introducing difficult discussions.
The title of this collection is rooted in the author’s knowledge of the traditions of the Abrahamic Faiths. In those traditions, creation happens with perhaps the most valuable part at the end -- a final day of reflection.

For Islam, Friday is a holy day of reflection; for Judaism, Friday evening and Saturday is the Sabbath, also a day of reflection; and Christianity observes Sunday as their day of reflection.
And this pattern is visible in all living religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. All value time for reflection.

For all of us, weekdays are filled with work, errands and important tasks. The weekend is a good time to take a break, reflecting on the past week and on the next week … and finding a meaningful “day of rest”, shifting from tasks to thoughts, hopes and prayers.

Each fable encourages meaningful reflection, and perhaps discussion for the family around a dinner table, a family room, or at a bedtime story.

So, for this Friday, you are invited to read, reflect and respond ... about what you are thinking, feeling and wondering.

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