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Legends of the Castle Dwellers

Legends of the Castle Dwellers


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What really happens within the haunted halls of prisons is largely unknown to the general public. Just ask the boy who believed he was visiting his dad in a castle! We can watch interpretations on our television screens, imaginative fantasy as it often is, but to really know, to truly understand what it’s like to be locked away behind fences and walls and steel doors…well, you simply have to talk to someone who has survived such a life on the inside.

Within the pages of this text you’ll read about just that: the experience that is incarceration told by someone who faced it firsthand. This book, however, is not just tales of gloom wrapped in fierce, woeful shadow. On the contrary, aside from seeking to dispel the sensationalized thoughts and myths people tend to have about prison Legends of the Castle Dwellers also offers its readers the wisdom and insight that can be plucked from the chapters of the lives of its subjects. The keys to having a happier, more fulfilled existence are expressed herein by those who suffered long and hard to learn them.

This work is written for those curious about what it’s like to be imprisoned. Even more so, it’s meant for those who have underwent great hardship and can’t seem to move on. It’s for those who are struggling against adversity and those who simply for one reason or another aren’t content with life. Its purpose is for you to have better and be better.

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