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Magic and Melee Paperback

Magic and Melee Paperback


A collection of fantasy short stories from the mind of Rich Feitelberg, author of the Aglaril Cycle.


Last of Her Kind: Asbith is the only dragon left and the humans continue to test themselves by engaging her in combat.


Kight Training: Shard, a half-orc, has had ot fight hatred and bigotry all his life.  But now in the training yard of the Michaeline order he learns a most devastating truth.  One which will change his life forever.


Chamomile Flowers: Laura comes to the village of Abbots Grove to observe a local festival.  Her natural curiosity leads her to discover she is to be sacrificed at the end of the celebration.


The Horn of Horundring: Merchant Wilson Kray has come to Breezy Bluff to purchase the Horn of Horundring from the air spirit that owns it, Twex Oolung.


The Cloax: James, an apprentice sage, wants to be a bard, but his father disapproves.  So he runs away to his grandmother's home, halfway across the kingdom, only to discover something that will change his life forever.


Scond Chances: Johar, a convicted criminal, is thrown into a magical pit, which gives him a chance to relive the point in his life where he went wrong.  Can he manage not to repeat the error of his ways or is he doomed ot repeat the same mistake again?

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