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Somethin' To Believe In

Somethin' To Believe In


Phineas Hart lived his whole life on a small island with his parents, sheltered from the outside world. But, as he gets ready to go to University and finally explore the world beyond his home, he finds the world is much bigger than he always thought it was. He finds that there's much more to believe in.


This story will bring to life a universe filled with magical creatures only believed to be real in fairytales, and the reader will discover an enchanted world along with Phineas, a hard-headed but smart teenager who just wants to learn.But what will that entail? Will knowing more always be a good idea? Or will this reveal secrets Phineas wasn't ready to face yet?


With lovable side characters and a relatable protagonist, this book will be sure to keep you hooked from start to end. And, when the secrets are finally exposed, what will that mean for Phineas? What new adventures await next?

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