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Treading Water Paperback

Treading Water Paperback


Meet Caroline McMerritt. Ambitious and driven, with a tongue as sharp as her mind, she is the top advertising executive for a prestigious Manhattan firm- until a particular circumstance takes a bite out of her edge, and she starts down a precipitous path.


Forced to take a hiatus or lose her job, and at the strong suggestion of a trusted brother, Caroline finds herself exiled to the abandoned family cabin in the backwoods of Maine.


Disgusted by her surroundings and enraged by the involuntary break, she vows to be unproductive and miserable, counting the days until she can return to the fast-paced life of her beloved NYC. But a telling moment brings Caroline face to face with her problem, and for the first time in her life, she feels out of control, lost. Panic ensues.


The discovery of a hidden treasure, buried in her deceased mother’s hope chest, helps her reset and restores her strong will. The unexpected gift not only provides the comfort of her mother’s presence but tells of secrets kept, past experiences lived, and lessons learned.

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