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This book is reviewed by Fin.

Troubles In Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand is the third and final book in the Paradise series.  The series follows the Steele family (wife Irene, Husband Russ, and sons Baker and Cash).  Although you can read this as a standalone book in order to fully appreciate the story I recommend you read Winter In Paradise (Book 1) and What Happens In Paradise (Book 2).  All three books are easy reads and perfect beach books.

This book wraps up the upheaval faced by the Steele family after Russ is killed in a helicopter accident and his death completely decimates the life the family had been living.  Russ had been living a double life on the island of St. John.  Irene and family arrive on the island to discover that not only has Russ been laundering money for a living but that he also had a second family that includes a daughter.  As Irene learns more about Russ’s secret life she has to come to terms with both her grief at losing the man she loved and the betrayal she feels from learning about his secret lover Rosie and their daughter Maia.  Baker and Cash each have their own problems.  Baker is recently divorced and a single father to his son.  Cash has left behind a failed business venture.  The family assets have also been repossessed by the FBI.

In this third book the family works to put their lives back together and begin new romances.  The island is vividly described and one of the main things I took away from this book is the wish to visit St. John.  The series starts out more in the genre of mystery and ends as more of a beach romance.  Irene is a somewhat sympathetic character but the sons, particularly Cash, come across as flat and immature.  There are some interesting characters outside of the family.  Huck, Maia’s grandfather, gives us some local flavor and provides a good backstory for Rosie and Maia.  Avery, love interest of both Baker and Cash, has her own family drama.  I wish Baker’s school wives played a larger role because they seem like an interesting bunch.  The inclusion of Margaret Quinn, a character in another series, felt contrived.

Overall this was a light and enjoyable read.  Having read the prior two books, I was more inclined to read this one.  If you are heading out for vacation or stuck at home during a snowstorm this book and the series in general makes a nice escape.

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