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The Balefire Express

The Balefire Express


When the dead walk, you have a few options: You can run, you can hide, or you can put those monsters to work.


That is the path that the couriers of the Balefire Express walk. Ghouls make great sled dogs after all; They don’t sleep, they don’t tire, and as long as the enchanted flame of your balefire brazier stays lit, they probably won’t rip you to shreds.


Winona, though young, thought she had seen it all in her time as a courier: undead hordes, bandit attacks, whiteout blizzards, and more. But when tasked with transporting medicine to a remote northern city, she stumbles onto something far more sinister, a growing power that will shake the foundations of everything she believes.


But there is still a job to do, and the Balefire Express always runs on time.

  • Shipping Information

    Tatnuck books are available for pickup in-store, or can be shipped at a flat rate charge of $4.00 within Massachusetts or $8.00 within the United States. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days for your item to arrive within Massachusetts, and up to 10 business days for out of state.

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