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Preorder a Copy of Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros 

Don’t miss the explosive new sequel to Rebecca Yarros’s bestselling hit, Fourth Wing.


Publication date:

November 07, 2023  

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Help Bring Barbara Kingsolver to our Store!

If we sell the most copies of Barbara Kingsolver’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Demon Copperhead during the month of September, Kingsolver will hold her ONLY in-person event for the Demon Copperhead paperback release in our store in 2024!



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Carolinda Goodman.png

Author Event

Carolinda goodman of "Pirate Ships & Shooting Stars"

Story Time, Activity, & Signing

Saturday September 30th from 11-12pm

The sky holds wonderful things to see and explore - as detailed in Pirate Ships and Shooting Stars. In the bright blue sky you may see acrobats in a circus tent, and in the stars find Orion the hunter and Taurus the bull!


Carolinda Goodman loves to look to the sky for adventure. Whether she finds ships in the clouds or hunters in the starry night sky, it’s an exciting quest. Carolinda is also the author of picture book Once in a Full Moon that tells the stories behind the names for that monthly orb that lights the sky.

Attend Carolinda's story time for an adventure in the stars!

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Tatnuck events

Bennet and Ward.png

Author Event

Dr. joel bennett of "Quest for presence"
with carol denise ward

Letting the Light In Workshop, Signing

Sunday October 1st from 1-5pm

The Quest for Presence collection integrates modern science, transpersonal psychology, ancient wisdom, poetry, personal reflection, and philosophy to present a new vision of time.

During this interactive workshop, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultivating presence and embracing the light within. Led by renowned authors and speakers, this workshop will provide practical tools and insights to help you connect with your inner self and live a more fulfilling life. Learn a new, healthy, and powerful view of time that belongs to you.

Click HERE to sign up for Dr. Bennetts workshop now!

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Tatnuck events

anelise merrihew (1).jpg

Special Event

Anelise and her family band
& the Unified Singing club

Musical Performance

Sunday October 8th from 2:30-4pm

 While Anelise Merrihew might be considered by some as "differently abled" due to having Autism Spectrum Disorder, she insists that you do not "dis" her Abilities! She is proud to be a State Ambassador and Officer for Best Buddies, and the Founder and President of Algonquin High School's first and only fully inclusive music club - t Unified Singing Club. 


The Unified Singing Club is a judgment-free zone, where students enjoy time to sing and feel free.


Attend this performance to hear the musical stylings of Anelise and Her Family Band, followed by the Unified Singing Club!

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Tatnuck events

Ferrara_ Head shot.jpg

Author Event

Judith ferrara of "A feast of losses"

Presentation & Signing

Sunday October 18th from 4-5:30pm

Portrayed in her son Stanley Kunitz's poems and interviews as an unforgiving and unaffectionate mother, Yetta Dine's recently recovered letters, memoir, and diary reveal a more complicated story. 


Worcester author Judith Ferrara's biography/memoir centers on Kunitz's mother, whom poet Marie Howe describes as "a fierce, loving magnificent woman truly worthy of our attention."  What events transformed this hopeful, feisty, Lithuanian-Jewish immigrant into a bereft, even tragic, woman? 

Attend Judith's presentation to learn more!

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Tatnuck events

Jared Grace.JPG

Author Event

jared grace of "isolation"

Meet & Greet, Signing

Saturday September 30th from 1-4pm

Moving house to try to cure his writer’s block, Russell and his family head to the picturesque town of Isolation. But soon after their arrival, a creature starts prowling and the bodies begin to pile up. Can Russell and his friends battle this demon and their own in an attempt to save their futures? Purchase a copy at Jared's signing to find out!


Jared Grace was born just south of Boston. He now lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where he loves to spend his days hiking, reading writing, and researching paranormal events. This is Jared Grace’s first novel but it will not be his last.

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Tatnuck events

Taylor Tyng (1).jpg

Author Event

taylor tyng of "clara poole and the long way round"

Reading, Discussion, & Signing

Sunday October 7th from 12-1pm

When a random bedtime story turned episodic, Taylor Tyng's daughter suggested he write a book. Taylor agreed.

Clara Poole and the Long Way Round, Tyng's debut novel, is an action-packed middle reader tale about young Clara Poole when she joins a round-the-world adventure race. What dangers lurk ahead? Why did Clara flee to the skies in the first place?  Attend Taylors discussion and signing to learn more!

As an author with severe dyslexia, Taylor is proud to visit Tatnuck during Dyslexia Awareness Month!

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Tatnuck events

Jodi Dee.jpg

Author Event

jodi dee of "the snow monster" 

Story Time & Signing

Sunday October 14th from 10-11am

As Amia blows out the candles on her 9th birthday, she closes her eyes and makes a wish. But when her wish comes true in a way no one could predict, it turns out to be a curse! Find out how, as Amia blows out the candles on her 10th birthday, her new wish changes everything.


Jodi Dee is an award-winning author with more than 20 years of experience in early childhood education. She is a teacher of self-love, emotional maturity, early childhood education, and empowering children to learn.

Attend Jodi's story time to hear her exciting new tale and get your copy signed!

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Tatnuck events

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